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Home study with UKCHT means: no travel - no fares or high petrol costs - study in your own time at your own pace - the possibility of studying more than one course at once - ideal for frequent travellers or expatriates - do the assignments on your own without exam pressures - learn much more than can be delivered by lectures or classes alone - catch up with gaps in your knowledge or add to your educational portfolio while you work. Distance learning is the fastest growing sector of private education.

Our longer courses are probably more comprehensive than most other private distance learning/ home study diplomas using their own manuals, because students use a set of textbooks for each programme and therefore get much more content and information than specially-written courses that provide just one manual. However, textbook-based courses do not suit everyone and we also have started to offer some self-contained courses that do not require any extra books. Other models of course delivery are under deveopment.


We also have shorter courses for people who would like to earn a certificate or diploma more rapidly.  Most of our shorter courses come with FREE textbooks for UK students (overseas students will need to purchase books separately)


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Latest News

March 2018 Upgrades to the following courses:
Diploma in Creative Therapeutic Journaling
Click here for details
Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
Click here for details
New course:
Diploma in Psychology of the Unconscious introductory price 195 until 31 July 2018
Click here for details

February 2018 Our Child and Adolescent Counselling Skills Diploma has been upgraded. Click here for details

February 2018 New Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Click here for details

January 2018 Course Title Change The Diploma in Stress Management with Counselling Skills is now the Diploma in Counselling Skills and Stress Management, reflecting the greater counselling and coaching content of the revised course.

November 2017 The Guild of Stress Management & Trauma Specialists has been disbanded. References to the Guild are being removed from this website. We apologize for any inconvenience.

June 2017 Tarot course now upgraded to Diploma. See course details here

May 2017 Diploma in Neuroscience for Mental Health See course details here

MAY 2017 Diploma in Psychiatric Drugs Awareness - revised/upgraded See course details here

MAY 2017 Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy now comes with several FREE supplementary certificates See the new course here

MAY 2017 New course: Diploma in Esoteric Christian Studies See course details here

FEBRUARY 2017 The Advanced Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis) has been revised. See course details here

FEBRUARY 2016 We are now an Organisational Member of ACCPH, Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists - see www.accph.org.uk 


OUR SHORT URL is www.ukcht.uk 
This is a "dot UK" address, not a "dot.co.uk" address.
Our old URL www.ukcollege-holistic.co.uk still works.
020 7060 2283

(International +44 207 060 2283)

Email is contact@ukcht.uk (dot UK)

Contact by email is preferred.

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Our link with ACCPH provides recognition for many of our courses.. We also may recommend other professional bodies for particular courses. See societies for more info.

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Some of our courses now have the option of using Kindle™ textbooks - more to follow. Join our Kindle™  campaign! 
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providing distance learning holistic courses world-wide since 1994

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UKCHT has been providing distance learning courses since 1994, when it was originally founded in London, UK under the name of Kadmon Academy of Human Potential. In 2008 we became UK College of Holistic Training.

In 2018 we are continuing to develop new courses and revise old ones.

Our new home page URL is www.ukcht.uk. Our old URLS www.ukcollege-holistic.co.uk  and www.kadmon-academy.org.uk are redirected to this new address.


We have students or graduates in many countries. International changes in VAT regulations may mean we need to change the study arrangements for applicants in certain countries. We will publish more information in due course but applicants will be advised of any changes that affect them before we collect the fee.


We accept payments by PayPal making it easy for students in many countries to pay their fees.


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UK College of Holistic Training, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, United Kingdom

Our new URL is www.ukcht.uk  (Note: this is a "dot UK" not a "dot co.uk" address)
(Our courses are by distance learning/ home study only - we have no classes in London.  All enrolments must be made by email or post)
Email us using this link

 Tel.   020 7060 2283  International +44 207 060 2283 


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Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy | Certificate Counselling and Helping Skills | Diploma in Psychiatric Drugs Awareness | Adv. Diploma Transpersonal Hypnotherapy | Adv. Diploma Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis) | Diploma Stress Management Relaxation | Diploma Stress Management with Counselling Skills | Diploma Holistic Life Coaching | Diploma Parapsychology | Adv. Diploma Parapsychology | Diploma Psychology | Diploma Positive Psychology | Certificate Humanistic Psychology Carl Rogers | Diploma in Child and Adolescent Counselling Skills Certificate Cognitive Behavioural Techniques for Self-Esteem | Diploma Abnormal Psychology | Certificate Anorexia Bulimia Awareness | Diploma Anger Management | Diploma Anxiety Management | Certificate Cognitive Self-Therapy | Diploma Organisational Behaviour | Diploma Ecotourism | Diploma Health & Wellness TourismAdvanced Diploma World Religions | Diploma Numerology | Diploma Family Therapy Studies | Diploma Creative Therapeutic Journaling | Diploma Child Psychology | Adv. Diploma Bereavement Counselling & Thanatology | Diploma in Depression & Bipolar Management | Diploma Energy Healing Science | Certificate Workplace Bullying Awareness | Certificate Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness | Certificate Dissociative Disorders Awareness | Diploma Psychoanalytic Social Studies | Diploma Psychiatric Disorders Awareness | Certificate ADD/ADHD Awareness | Diploma Mystical Hypnosis | Diploma Western Esoteric Traditions | Professional Diploma Spirit Release Work | Diploma Amish History and Culture | Diploma Dead Sea Scrolls Studies | Diploma Meridian Energy Therapy (Tapping/EFT)  | Advanced Meridian Energy Therapy (Tapping/EFT) | Meridian Psychotherapy | Energy Psychology | Diploma in Gnosticism | Diploma in Environmental Health  | Anatomy & PhysiologyApplied Mindfulness | Therapeutic Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) | Tarot Studies | Applied Psychosynthesis | Past Life Regression Therapy  | Psychodynamic Psychology | Multicultural Healing | Advanced Coaching  |  Diploma Psychology of Ageing | Certificate in Psychology of AgeingDiploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy  | Diploma in Esoteric Christian Studies | Diploma in Neuroscience for Mental Health | Diploma in Tarot Studies | Diploma in Counselling Skills and Stress Management  | Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy | Diploma in Modern Mithraism  | Diploma
in Psychology of the Unconscious