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Diploma in
Amish History and Culture
Distance Learning Course Details


   College accreditation:    International Association for Distance Learning.

Total recommended period of study: approx. 3 months or less. Continuous enrolment. No time limit.

Cost: 175.00  (175 Pounds Sterling - for currency conversion see www.xe.com )

One FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK.   Students outside the UK will need to buy the textbook separately.  No other books are required.

Method of study 

Textbook study. Written assignments are based on the set textbook. Assignment questions are issued by email and students return their written work by email. Grades and feedback are issued by email.

Course overview

Interest in the Amish communities of North America has been generated through movies, documentaries, tourism and literature.  Do the media portray Amish life accurately?  What do the Amish believe and how is it different from other forms of Christianity?  Where did they come from, how did their sect begin and what made them emigrate to America?  Is their simple and rural lifestyle really idyllic?  What are their core values?  Can anyone become Amish and would they want to?  Do the Amish suffer from any of the problems common in mainstream society? How do they relate to mainstream education, medicine and social structures and to Mennonite and other Christian churches? Why don't they like being photographed?

The course will inform you in depth about Amish origins, life and beliefs and you will learn a great deal about this fascinating group of communities.


Syllabus (this syllabus is subject to change):

  • Understanding Amish society

  • Origins of Amish culture

  • Emigration to America

  • Principles of Amish beliefs and society

  • Agricultural life and the family

  • Child rearing and life transitions

  • Ritual, customs and symbolism

  • Relationship to American society and institutions

  • Change and diversity amongst the Amish

  • Physical and mental illness amongst the Amish

  • Insights into Amish life

  • Can the Amish survive?

A university-level textbook is required as the main book for the course. Further reading is optional though comprehensive reading lists are given, enabling you to pursue further studies at your leisure. A list of selected Internet sites will be provided for further research.


Entry criteria and suitability 

No particular qualifications are required for entry but the ability to study from university-level textbooks is required.

The course is offered to any person interested in sociology, social studies, ethnography, American history and culture, comparative religion, history of Christianity, Anabaptist studies, diversity studies and the study of closed communities. The course would also be an ideal preparation for a tour of Pennsylvania, Ohio or Indiana.
Applicants from the US and Canada are welcome - like all our courses, this one is available to overseas students. We accept PayPal which will make paying for your course simple. 



Successful graduates will receive the Diploma in Amish History and Culture awarded by UK College of Holistic Training which is a private UK qualification. The college is accredited by the International Association for Distance Learning.

If you are in a location where the designation "Certificate" is preferable to "Diploma", the wording of your qualification can be changed accordingly.

Further information

Please see our FAQs page for general information.

We reserve the right to change the syllabus and other details of any course at any time.

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Read the thrillers of Linda Castillo featuring ex-Amish police chief Kate Burkholder




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