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Time Vector Techniques Practitioner
(NLP & Time Lines)
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by distance learning

Recommended period of study: approx.  3 months or less

INTRODUCTORY FEE FOR LIMITED PERIOD  £ 150 for full payment at enrolment 

A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK.   Students outside the UK will need to pay extra for the textbook and postage.

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Course description

You have probably heard of NLP time line work but it is extraordinarily difficult to find a relevant certificated course by distance learning – until now!  That is because certification has been limited to trademarked courses offered only through live training by certain expensive schools. However, the knowledge is easily available in textbooks, and using a comprehensive authoritative textbook as the backbone of our course, together with our proven distance learning methods, we can now certify you in time line work!   We expect this course to be oversubscribed so enrol now!

So, if you have done NLP without time lines, or have studied time lines without certification, or you are a therapist who wishes to learn additional skills for rapid change, do this certification now! (Previous NLP certification is not necessary, but we ask you to understand that this is not a practitioner certification in NLP.)

If you are a qualified talking therapist or coach who is good at assimilating new techniques, you can immediately start to apply this material with your clients.

Time Vector Techniques acknowledges the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder; Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall; Bob G. Bodenhamer and L. Michael Hall, and all others who have contributed to the knowledge of “time lines”, or how time and our personal history lines are coded in our heads, affecting our personality, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour.  You will use standard textbook(s) to study the methods described by these pioneers.

Understanding how our unique time lines are structured and how they can change leads to many possibilities for therapeutic intervention and coaching. Using Time Vector Techniques we can let go of limiting beliefs, reduce the stress of painful or traumatic memories, abandon unhelpful negative emotions such as grief and loss, be more centred in the present, develop an attractive future, create plans for personal excellence and spiritual development; and communicate better. The course also includes time coaching questions; advanced information about the cultural meaning of time; and advanced therapeutic change techniques for experiencing the “void”; and accessing states of “flow”;

The course includes a brief introduction to concepts of NLP and recommendations for further reading in NLP. Some NLP techniques such as the Swish pattern and the Dropping Down Through technique are included in the course.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: In order (a) not to infringe the copyright of others, and (b) in order to protect our own distance learning course, we have devised our own unique name for the certification we are offering - Time Vector Techniques.  TVT and Certified Time Vector Techniques Practitioner are OUR trademarks and action will be taken against anyone using them without our permission.  Time Vector Techniques has no connection with Vector Therapy, which is a form of family therapy.

      Study will be carried out by reading the textbook, performing mental exercises on yourself or volunteers such as friends and family, and submitting written assignments – these can be sent by e-mail.  There is no minimum study time and the student may complete the course by submitting all coursework to satisfactory standard.


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